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  • Jason Hesley

HYL to release "WHERE EMPTINESS IS ALL" in May!

In the vast cathedrals of the forgotten faiths the shadows gather in black pools around the towering pillars and behind the dust shrouded altars. The air is cold and lifeless and silence reigns within the eternal stillness. The faces of angels stare down from the unseen heights with unblinking, stone eyes, their mouths frozen forever in muted hymns of praise. Nameless messiahs are trapped in the stained glass windows, colours dulled by dirt and perpetual night, imprisoned in moments of stories which no longer have meanings, beginnings or endings. This is the fate of gods – to fall from power and dominion to the darkness where emptiness is all…

Birthed in the creative cauldron that is the mind of Rick Costantino (Schizo, Krigere Wolf etc) Hyl is a new black metal entity that captures an atmosphere of utter desolation, of a world bereft of life. Joining Rick Costantino to invoke this spirit of the endless void are vocalist Shadow (Black Altar, Ofermod etc) and drummer Krzysztof Klingbein who has worked with both Vader and Belphegor. Together they have given form to the cold chaos of Costantino’s visions, together they have drawn from the dark Where Emptiness Is All, the first album to bear the seal of Hyl. The atmosphere that descends upon the listener from the opening sounds of the intro, ‘Pvrification’ is all consuming, its chill winds scattering reality into tattered fragments, opening the mind to the quiet glory of the end of all things. The ice within each note of ‘Endless Illusions’ will slow the heart and tighten the skin, turn the blood into cold, sluggish rivers within your veins. Where Emptiness Is All brings the cruel peace of absolute devastation, invokes the killing quietude of an abandoned world wrapped in the soft death of snow. This is black metal at its most powerful and enthralling, imbued with winter magic and offering a glimpse into a darkness beyond human experience and understanding.

Hyl’s storm of sound was channelled by Dionysis Dimitrakos (Enshadowed, Burial Hordes etc) from Descent Studio in Athens and ex-Marduk man Devo Andersson (Denouncement Pyre, Ragnarok etc) at Endarker Studio, while the lyrics and cover art were created by Claudia Sanzà of Elysivm Artwork. Each contribution has helped to make Where Emptiness Is All the incredible, enthralling study in solitude that it is. Deeply melancholic and transportative, Where Emptiness Is All will descend upon us all this spring, freezing the first buds of new life and sucking the warmth from the sun.

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