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  • Jason Hesley

Hungary’s Hottest Heavy Outfit THE HELLFREAKS Get Ready to Rumble with Second Single “Chaos”

Modern metal outfit THE HELLFREAKS shatter all expectations - and a few bones, to boot - with relentless second single, “Chaos”, taken from their upcoming album Pitch Black Sunset, out April 14, 2023 via Napalm Records. With no warning and zero excuses, “Chaos” will instantly have listeners in the pit as boisterous thrash lines meet pop-punk-infused metal. Represented by the restless and militant attitude of its energetic music video, the song is accented by a Tom Morello-worthy solo.

“Chaos” is another taste of what can be expected from Pitch Black Sunset. With this record, THE HELLFREAKS crank their sound to a whole new intense level of 11 and beyond. With a mixture of chart-storming modern metal and post-hardcore soaked in skate punk energy, Hungary’s most exciting quartet opens up the next chapter. Waving the flag of a new generation of metal, alternative and punk, THE HELLFREAKS will rile you up.

THE HELLFREAKS state on “Chaos”:

“As we already revealed about our upcoming album, Pitch Black Sunset is like a wild car chase which ends with you plunging straight into a canyon! Our new single “Chaos” is about putting the pedal to the metal and not regretting it.

It’s our own anthem about breaking free from daily repression and standing up for oneself. It embodies the moment of taking control a difficult situation and not allowing yourself to be a victim anymore and highlights the belief that true peace and clarity can come from a place of disorder. So sit back, raise your fists and let it all go … because “Chaos” is on the way!”

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