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  • Jason Hesley

HOUNSKULL Premiere New Album The Faces Of Evil!

Stream 'The Faces of Evil' Here! HOUNSKULL's new album The Faces of Evil is premiering now at Doomed & Stonedahead of its release on October 20th, 2023. The psychedelic metal trio's fourth album ventures into realms of gods, heroes and a clockwork wizard.

The band comments on The Faces of Evil:

"The faces of evil has been in the works for years now, we had the album written before the lockdown but pushed off recording until we were able to bunker down and get it done. The main idea of the album is essentially an audio version of an rpg game or ttrpg like dnd. It's our first album where our drummer Nathan Fernandez wrote with us, it's our most experimental and intricate yet. Musically inspired by 70s prog, doom and stoner metal mergering for a unique blend to create something new. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kyle white, it was a monster of a double album to start and finish but we are very excited for everyone to hear it."

Listen to The Faces of Evil at Doomed & Stoned:

Watch their latest visualiser for "The Faces of Evil" here:

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