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  • Jason Hesley

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions release LIPOMA / FLUIDS / TROCAR split Dissertations!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have released the new vicious 3-way split between Lipoma, Fluids, and Trocar. Dissertations is available now on CD and Digital formats along with merch.

Horror Pain Gore Death welcomes past co-conspirators Fluids back to the roster, and they didn't come alone. Along with pathological goregrind entity Lipoma and industrial grind mutants Trocar, Fluids have returned with Dissertations, a split featuring four tracks of surgical malpractice and wanton disregard for human life.

Previously available only on cassette, Dissertations was originally released on Halloween of 2022 by Scum Lord Distro. This three-way split sees Fluids continue to weave brutal death metal, goregrind, and harrowing samples with "Piled III: The Threepile," the third installment in a saga pulled straight from the pages of ¡Alarma! Magazine. Lipoma's "Eternal Sufferings" and "Dermatologic Manifestations" showcase warped experimentation on classic goregrind, infusing elements of blackened melodicism to create a singular sonic onslaught completely devoid of mercy. And newcomers Trocar debut with "Wonders Cease," a tortured six-minute odyssey that begins with fits of grinding ferocity and slowly devolves into lumbering, industrial despair. You are sick.

Dissertations is your medicine. Open wide. For fans of Mortician, Torsofuck, Impetigo, Carcass, Lymphatic Phlegm, Nasum, Exhumed, and Godflesh

Order the Digital Download at

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