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  • Jason Hesley

Horrible present the album Filth!

HORRIBLE is a Belgian metal project born in 2019 by drummer Jonas.

Sanders (Pro-Pain) and guitarist Olivier Dris (Resistance). After a few years of designing their sound and finding the right people to endorse their vision, it's in 2022 that vocalist Déhà (Dropdead Chaos, Silver Knife), Sven (Killthelogo guitar) and Ben (Resistance - bass) complete the line-up.

Their debut album, "FILTH", is recorded and produced at Blackout

Studio. HORRIBLE gives a new tone to extreme metal, mixing modern elements taken from the hardcore scene as well as anything that flirts with brutal, straightforward metal.

Impossible to etiquette, HORRIBLE offers with "FILTH" a dense and violent album with breakdowns to destroy your neck, riffs that will stay in your head, flawless drumming and insanely possessed vocals.


01. Horrible

02. Allies of Satan

03. Filth

04. A Thousand Souls

05. Dawn

06. We’ll Rise

07. Blood Maniac

08. Despicable

09. You Can’t Say No

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