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  • Jason Hesley

HORIZON IGNITED - release third single "Servant"!

After the annoucement of their highly anticipated album "Towards The Dying Lands" which will be released on July 1st, and after the release of the first two singles of the upcoming longplayer, HORIZON IGNITED deliver now their third single of the album called "Servant".

The Finns are once again coming around the corner with a tempting foretaste of the album and convince not least by the combination of fast heavy metal elements with demanding lyricism.

The album is available for pre-order now:

Singer Okko Solanterä about the new single:

"'Servant' is the fastest and thrashiest song of the album. Very straightforward and aggressive with a melodic chorus giving some room to breathe and bringing some nice dynamics.

The song is this Lovecraftian sci-fi story about a person who pledges himself to serve a dark purpose, becoming a loyal subject to an eldritch being who wages war and brings death across the whole universe, literally conquering planets within his wake."

Furthermore, "Servant" comes along with a brandnew lyric video to get the fans even more excited and to give them the opportunity to learn the lyrics directly by heart for the upcoming live shows.

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