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  • Jason Hesley

HOLYCIDE Releases Video for "Bazookiller" from Their Conceptual EP!

Spanish Thrash Metal band HOLYCIDE has launched a new video for the song "Bazookiller," the title track from their recently released EP. The "Bazookiller" EP, which debuted on September 12th through Xtreem Music in both CD and Digital formats, is now further brought to life with this compelling video.

Fans can watch the video for "Bazookiller" on YouTube, showcasing the band's intense energy and thrash metal prowess:

The EP was recorded between March and June, mixed at Monstery Studios by Javi Fernández, and mastered at MK2 Recording Studio in Italy by Davide Billia. This process has resulted in an impressive production with a powerful sound that resonates throughout the EP.

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