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  • Jason Hesley

Hiss From The Moat to release "The Way Out Of Hell"

HISS FROM THE MOAT is an Italian death/black metal band formed in 2006 by James Payne (ex-HOUR OF PENANCE and ex-VITAL REMAINS), Carlo Cremascoli (ex-TASTERS), Giacomo Poli and Max Cirelli (joining in 2016). Since their conception, the band is now located between the United States, UK and Italy.

The band started out defining its sound before recording an EP titled “The Carved Flesh Message” which captured the bands aim of combining elements of both death and black metal. Soon after, HISS FROM THE MOAT were performing alongside high profile death metal acts such as PSYCROPTIC, SKELETONWITCH and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER at shows and festivals across Europe.

In 2012 HISS FROM THE MOAT entered the studio to record the band's first full-length album,

Misanthropy,” which was released in 2013 through Nuclear Blast Records (digital) and Lacerated Enemy Records (physical). The band's intense use of both extremes of death and black metal produced an album that stood alongside the delivery of acts such as BEHEMOTH, BELPHEGOR and ROTTING CHRIST. The album also featured guest appearances by members of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE.

Following the release of the album HISS FROM THE MOAT embarked on an extensive tour across Russia, Europe and Asia, showcasing the band’s intense and visually engaging performance backed by the blackened intensity of their new material. During this period, Payne left legendary US death metal act VITAL REMAINS to focus on HISS FROM THE MOAT, and the band extended from a three to four piece act with the addition of Max Cirelli.

In 2018 the band returned to the studio to record their second full-length, “The Harrier,” which was released in February 2019 through M-Theory.

In 2020 and 2021 the band wrote and recorded their eagerly awaited follow-up album, “The Way Out Of Hell,” that will debut in October 2022 through Distortion Music Group.

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