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  • Jason Hesley

High Fells Offer Release Through Angry Riffs and Blackened Howls In “Catharsis”

Texas’ High Fells goes against the grain in regards to live blackened metal performance, they are longtime listeners of all different walks of music, and together they are proudly releasing their debut album “Catharsis” with they claim to be a journey between pure agony and anger, with a dash of hopelessness. It’s an emotional journey with sick riffs in which the lyrical content and the overall feeling of this album hit on a ton of mental and emotional wellness topics and the lack thereof. The band continues to explain:

“We are incredibly excited to debut our album “Catharsis” - the first of many to come. We’re excited to share it for many reasons, but primarily because it’s been such fun to write and perform, experimenting with styles and genres we’ve never fully committed to in other bands. The journey you’ll be taking over the course of 40 minutes will be a thought-provoking, visceral experience that will shed some light on mental illness and depressive episodes, something still a stigma in our current society.”

High Fells hopes that listeners can find something to relate to, something that will inspire them or helps convey emotions into words. They aim to shroud their lyrics with punishing riffs and blast beats that will ideally charm the listener.

Initially, High Fells set out to be a melodic black metal band, but as time has passed on and as they have played with more bands they love, the direction steered back towards death metal with that blackened flavor. Across the nine tracks, they bring ass-beating riffs with high-quality recordings.

Melodic, depressing, and angry, “Catharsis” is recommended for fans of Hath, Decapitated, and Sorrow Plagues.

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