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Hessian Firm Announce Goatcraft/Plutonian Shore Split EP!

French record label, Hessian Firm will release an eponymously titled split EP by Goatcraft and Plutonian Shore on September 4, 2020. The split features three new tracks from Goatcraft, and the first physical release (CD) of Plutonian Shore’s 2018 digital EP Alpha et Omega.

Goatcraft and Plutonian Shore are two immense talents in San Antonio, Texas’s extreme music scene. Both bands know each other well. They both started at the same time in 2010, played gigs together a lot, and jammed together before both bands started. Goatcraft is the sole vision of pianist, Lonegoat. He dubs his mixture of dark neoclassical and ambient music as necroclassical.

Plutonian Shore incorporate elements of ritual and occult philosophy into traditional black metal. Although listeners may hear fragments from early ‘90s black metal bands such as Satyricon,Emperor and Rotting Christ, the band is firmly entrenched in the Texas black metal sound. 

Goatcraft’s tracks are otherworldly sonic depictions of Mars. Lonegoat utilizes electronic ambience to convey the atmosphere of Mars's two moons on "Deimos" and "Phobos." “Mars” is a piano piece dedicated to the red planet. This is the first time Lonegoat worked with a midi setup, so he could program percussion and layer keyboards over it. Beherit’s electronic era, in particular Electric Doom Synthesis, inspired these tracks.

Early Plutonian Shore recordings revealed keyboard ambience. Here, the group opted for more of a stripped down, straight forward attack. However, the tremolo picking guitar notes of Zvs Gastelum and Nick Norris along with Jake Holmes’s rumbling bass create a wall of sound, atmospheric in its own manner. Gastelum’s shrieks further add to the maelstrom. David Baxter’s blast beats push the music ahead with violent impetus, while executing astonishing time changes.

All Goatcraft tracks were written/recorded in 2020. All tracks recorded and mixed by Lonegoat. Mastered by Daniel Clancy. All Plutonian Shore tracks were recorded in 2016 by Vernon Friday at Sound Crater. Mixed and mastered by Kevin Elrod at Cloven Hoof. Alpha et Omega was released April 9, 2018.

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