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  • Jason Hesley

HERUKA: a preview track of “Dust from the Deception Sun”

As the release date approaches, Heruka reveals one of the tracks appearing in “Dust from The Deception Sun - A Live Selection from Three Years of Black Metal ”: the chosen track is “The Eleventh Rule”, also appearing on the latest band’s full length.

The Italian Melodic Black Metal band celebrates its latest activity years with a DVD/blu-ray release featuring a selection of tracks from their most recent albums, recorded during an intense studio session at Boiler Studio (Rome, Italy) this summer.

Tracklist as follows:

1. Intro

2. Turning to Dust

3. Amsarctra: Nekrom’s Rescue

4. No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows

5. Feerduim: The Premonition

6. Near the Worms, Far from the Light

7. Chailosis: The Revelation

8. Twisted into Form

9. Zoryas: Emhos’ Army

10. Spleen

11. Bethuria: The Three Entities

12. The Eleventh Rule

13. The United States of Insanity

14. Two Heads, One Brain

15. Coisomo: Deception’s End

16. Let No One Be Saved

17. Time Collapse

18. White Coats Don’t Understand

19. Unreal Consciousness (outro)

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