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  • Jason Hesley

HERUKA: a celebratory footage coming soon!

Rude Awakening Records' next release will see the continuation of the collaboration with HERUKA: after publishing their latest full "No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows" last year, the label and the long estabilished Black Metal band from Rome have worked on a celebratory footage of the most recent activity years of the band, that will appear in their next release “Dust from the Deception Sun – A Live Selection from Three Years of Black Metal”.

This release will contain an intense filming session, including more than one hour of video material shot at the Boiler Studio (Rome) and songs taken from the latest albums of the band, marking a stable return in the Italian Metal scene: “Deception’s End” (2018), “Turning to Dust” (2019) e “No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows” (2020).

This footage will see the light as a strictly limited edition of 50 blu-ray copies and 50 DVD copies, including the following tracklist:

1. Intro

2. Turning to Dust

3. Amsarctra: Nekrom’s Rescue

4. No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows

5. Feerduim: The Premonition

6. Near the Worms, Far from the Light

7. Chailosis: The Revelation

8. Twisted into Form

9. Zoryas: Emhos’ Army

10. Spleen

11. Bethuria: The Three Entities

12. The Eleventh Rule

13. The United States of Insanity

14. Two Heads, One Brain

15. Coisomo: Deception’s End

16. Let No One Be Saved

17. Time Collapse

18. White Coats Don’t Understand

19. Unreal Consciousness (outro)

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