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  • Jason Hesley

HERETOIR to release "Nightsphere" on Oct. 06!

Only 5 months after their 2023 mini-album "Wastelands", HERETOIR releasing their new intense full-length "Nightsphere"! The new record is a concept album dealing with the struggle between the forces of nature and a world of machines. Humanity is in the midst of this confrontation, and the dichotomy between living as an animal among animals and existing as a cog in the wheel of progress determines the course of the story the five songs tell. "Nightsphere" is a dark album that weaves atmospheric Black Metal parts with melodic clean passages, swirling blast beats with calm Post Rock and ambient sounds, and the intensity of desperate screams with the poignant emotionality of melancholic clean vocals into a musical journey through an archaic world.

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