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  • Jason Hesley

Her Highness to release "Visions of a Lower Life" on December 10th!

Visions of a Lower Life offers six hymns of despondent sludge, laced with classic doom metal riffing, otherworldly psychedelia, additional noises and dissonant sickness. The carefully planned methods of recording allow the songs to bear multiple layers of instrumentation, resulting in an overwhelming wall of sound. As the band's other works, the album is also to be interpreted in its entirety, having most of the tracks merging into each other, causing a continuity of unpleasant journeys.


The duo, formed by K.T. and K.A. in 2014, is pairing a depravating musical vision with an unusual lineup: their choice of instrumentation consists solely of bass guitar and drums. Hailing from Budapest, Hungary, instrumental sludge/doom metal band Her Highness is finally releasing its first full-length album “Visions of a Lower Life” in 2021. After three splits (with Worthless, Vanta and Negative Slug) and several powerful, ear-crushing live shows across the country and beyond its borders, taking advantage of the forced break caused by the ongoing pandemic, they have recorded these outbursts to be perceived by the few deviant individuals who dare to dig deep enough in the sludge and doom underground's filth.

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