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  • Jason Hesley

Hellish Torment Unleashes "Demons Of The Cold"

Hellish Torment, the US black metal ensemble hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, proudly presents their latest single and official music video, "Demons Of The Cold". This intense track, inspired by the icy aura of Immortal, is a harbinger of the band's eagerly awaited debut album, set for release on April 26th, 2024.

Filmed on a biting cold day, the video captures the essence of Hellish Torment's journey. Founded in 2016, the band has navigated numerous challenges, from noise complaints in a city wary of black metal to lineup changes and the unforeseen delays caused by a global pandemic. Now, Hellish Torment emerges from the shadows, ready to share their unique blend of thrash-infused black metal, melodic death metal solos, and relentless drumming with the world.

The band's current lineup features Tom "The Soulbutcher" Gillis on vocals and guitars, Mike "Evil Oehmen" on drums, and Patrick "Dragginballs" McCarty on guitars, with the search for a new bassist ongoing. The video and song were expertly crafted by CJ Gardineer of @RedWolfMichigan, encapsulating the raw energy and spirit of Hellish Torment.

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