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  • Jason Hesley

HELLDPROD sets release date CHAPEL OF SAMHAIN debut album, Black Onyx Cave, in cassette format!

Helldprod Records marks July 19th as the release date for Chapel Of Samhain's debut album, Black Onyx Cave, in cassette format.

A path has been made for so long that desire gave birth to a new dimension of horror, where the graves awake at night and swallow the breathless.

Black Onyx stared into this abyss and sealed a left hand pact with Phoros to rot the alchemy upon the philosophical stone. These fumes wrecked the pillars of time and procreated a vicious ensemble of smothering tunes towards ruin baptized under the moniker CHAPEL OF SAMHAIN.

Totally architect in a monolithic vision and crafted in the sulfuric womb of lunacy both musicians accepted this challenge outside their other musical projects (Grog, Velório & Nethermancy) to embrace and celebrate the newborn spirits of the dead.

Wandering through the extreme and obscure catacombs of the old school metal scripts, traces of death, black with eerie symphonies gather for a mass of skull crushing hymns along with a choir of morbid enchantments that turn down the crosses for the CHAPEL OF SAMHAIN hordes as the ambiances grow thicker within the abyssic layers of doom.

Once entering Black Onyx Cave, an altar will rise as you will feel the mark and the creation force behind this unparalleled vortex meant to represent the seasons change within light and shadow as Man grows wither into His Mastery. Transmutation is the Key!

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