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  • Jason Hesley

HELL IN THE SKIES release "Fields of Betrayal"

HELL IN THE SKIES take a deeper look:

"As the title of the song symbolises in advance, it is about the humanly weighty subject of betrayal.

Listeners are welcome to use their imaginative powers of imagination and merge completely with the mystical atmosphere of the song.

In terms of content, we have deliberately left plenty of room for interpretation so that listeners can develop their own ideas as freely as possible.

'Fields Of Betrayal' can be projected onto any situation and event in life."

Journey into your own self …

As grim narrators of the dark, HELL IN THE SKIES present their artistic self-image. Yes, these evocative creators of their very own SWAMP METAL audibly feel called to higher things.

And with the unmistakable and hypnotically organic sound of their truly unique compositions, these instinctive masters guarantee a truly powerful (live) experience.

The new EP "II" presents six magnificently powerful and richly contrasting compositions, which are also consistently convincing vocally - after all, every second is bursting with sincere and honest authenticity.

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