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  • Jason Hesley

HELIKON: “The Robots of Dawn” video now streaming, new EP “Visions of Dawn” out now!

The video of “The Robots of Dawn”, the fourth single from HELIKON's new EP, “Visions of Dawn”, is now streaming at this location. The EP is available on all digital platforms via Ad Noctem Records.

The song completes the concept of this new release inspired by Isaac Asimov's three laws of robotics. A fully developed original story written by the members of the Italian thrash metal band, divided into four parts, for as many singles, introduced by the artworks created by the artist Silvano Ancellotti.

The recording sessions took place at the Fear Studio in Alfonsine with producers Gabriele Ravaglia (WHITE SKULL, NECRODEATH, RAIN, THE BURNING DOGMA and others) and Giuseppe Bassi (FEAR FACTORY, LEVANIA).

For the making of the video, filming and editing, the band relied on Maurizio Del Piccolo's Moviedel Italia Productions.


Visions of A Robot

The Three Laws Domain


The Robots of Dawn

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