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  • Jason Hesley

Helicon Metal Festival Returns on March 2024!

Helicon Metal Promotions is thrilled to announce the fourth edition of the Helicon Metal Festival, set to ignite the stage at the Odessa club on Kolejowa Street in Warsaw on March 15th and 16th, 2024. This year's festival will feature a diverse lineup, bridging the old-school and modern metal realms, catering to fans of heavy, power, speed, thrash, and doom metal.

Headlining the event are Glacier, an iconic group from the American 80s heavy metal scene, and Visigoth, a newer act delivering a sound reminiscent of the same era. They will be joined by an international ensemble of bands: Megaton Sword from Switzerland, Iron Kingdom from Canada, Roadwolf from Austria, Tailgunner from the UK, and Ironbound from Poland, all of whom pay homage to the genre's origins. Polish band Monasterium will also be performing, offering a heavier and slower twist on classic Sabbath sounds.

The lineup also includes Satan's Fall from Helsinki, fresh off an excellent album release, alongside Polish Hellhaim and British heavy metal legend Trojan/Talion, with one more band yet to be announced.

Join the festival event: Helicon Metal Festival on Facebook

Helicon Metal Festival has previously featured notable acts like Crystal Viper, Sacred Steel, Atlantean Kodex, and many rising stars from Poland's dynamic metal scene.

Early bird tickets have sold out, and regular presale tickets are now available. Get your tickets here: GoOut and Big Cartel.

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