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  • Jason Hesley

HELFRÓ Release First Single off 'Hálgröf'

HELFRÓ didn't come out of nowhere. The duo's icy tremolo picking and firestorm melodies sound like they were carved from the volcanoes and glaciers of their native Iceland. But their first album surprised even the most steadfast black metal acolytes with dueling vocals, punchy death metal riffage and bracing lyrics about loneliness and addiction.

Now, three years later, Helfró are back and as cold and unforgiving as ever. Their new album, Tálgröf, drills even deeper into the dark corners of the human psyche, while boring through intense rhythmic passages that fuse the extremities of traditional death metal with sombre, introspective lyrical convictions. On lead single ‘Fláráð Fræði’ (which in English means "Deceitful Theories), blast beats erupt into a sickly and intrusive melody about the origins of evil. Watch the chilling video for ‘Fláráð Fræði’, which was created by Guilherme Henriques. Tálgröf comes out 1 December. Pre-order: Pre-save: “The lyrical theme of ‘Fláráð Fræði’ talks about a dark, sick entity that tries to learn of the origin of its evil, intrusive thoughts,” says drummer Ragnar Sverrisson. "But it only gets sicker the more it learns.”

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