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Helestios streams their debut “Your Pain Tastes Good”

Helestios is a mixed genres metal band formed in Basingstoke, England in early 2020.

Helestios comprise Henrijs Leja (vocals/guitar); Stelios Aggelis (lead guitar); Ian den Boer (drums) and Agnis Aldiņš (bass), hailing from Latvia, Greece and Netherlands but now based around Basingstoke.

Their sound takes on board both traditional metal riffing and melodic structure as well as more aggressive and atmospheric tones, such as Agnis’ throat singing intro to Sacrifice and the Lebanese prayer intro to Return to Baalbek recorded by Henrijs in 2019 whilst mass protests against the government in the Lebanese city raged around him.

The album is non-compromising yet immediately accessible, from Sacrifice, which reflects humankind’s inability to avoid killing each other, to Black Storm, a churning sea of riffs and tales told in the ancient mythologies of Syria and Egypt to All Attack, a song written in support of the Belorussian people who have spent recent months fighting to overthrow what many see as one of the last tyrannies of Europe.

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