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  • Jason Hesley

Heiden release the album "Andzjel"

With the release of the new album Andzjel, Heiden expands the perspectives of their audience base through dark, elegant and atmospherically authentic music. After 2 experimental rock albums, HEIDEN returns to the dark-metal expression and take it to the next level in their discography. Seven songs, thematically set in the inhospitable beauty of the White Carpathians, offer an insight into the souls of the local people, sharing the soil, blood, healing and knowledge passed down through generations. The phenomenon of Žítková goddesses, which the postwar totalitarian regime permanently eradicated.

Heiden started up in 2003 as Pagan black metal project founded by Kverd & Varnag. Along with the development of the line-up, the band's musical intention developed, and a gradual shift from black metal to post metal and post rock can be traced across the recordings. Completely different than most of the bands in the genres, HEIDEN solitary wanders accross the genres and inspirations.

- The ninth album in the 20 years history of the band

- Winner of the Anděl Award for the best Hard and Heavy album in 2011 (Czech Grammy)

- Winner of the Britva Awards for the best metal album in 2011 and 2013 (CZ metal critics award)

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