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  • Jason Hesley

Heavy thrash metal band SOUL GRINDER to release new album FILTH ENCRUSTED!

'FILTH ENCRUSTED', the second release from heavy thrash metallers SOUL GRINDER, is a dynamic but aggressive album that combines the raw old school approach of the original thrash scene with thematic heavy metal, all wrapped up within a fresh approach to past sensibilities.

SOUL GRINDER formed in 2016 and released their EP ‘TERRAFLESH’ the following year. As they continued their reign upon the Pacific Northwest, they released their debut album, ‘THE PROPHECY OF BLIGHT’ in 2019.

‘FILTH ENCRUSTED,’ continues the band’s style of being unclassifiable to any one genre of metal. Thrash and a more traditional heavy metal approach can be found within its songs but the band’s inspirations don’t keep the album from exploring its own style that rivals the intensity of even extreme metal bands and dynamics not often associated with the thrash/heavy metal genre.

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