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Finland’s own Wishing Well have released the first single off their upcoming fourth album. The new song is called “Soul Rider” and it’s an easy-going classic rock style song featuring cool wah wah -guitar and Hammond organ. The band shot a promo video to support the song and it’s easy to hear and see that they’re having a good time together. The new album, titled “Sin And Shame” is out on Inverse Records March 17th this spring.

“It was easy to pick this song for the first single because we feel that it really represents us right now. It shows why we keep going doing this and there’s a great camaraderie in the band. We hope that people get that. It feels great to release a new album after three years. We have worked hard to come up with the best possible album. Like before, there are many different kind of songs on the new album but it’s nice to start with this a bit more laid-back song”, says Anssi Korkiakoski, the guitar player of Wishing Well who has written the song.

Check the music video:

Listen to the single on music services:

"The song was written last summer and we recorded it in November. That's our new speed record, usually we sit years on new songs before recording them. That shows how excited we all were about this song", Anssi says.

The song was recorded and mixed by Henrik Sirelä at Loiste Production studios in Helsinki.

Wishing Well will play a record release gig at On The Rocks Club in Helsinki on 31 March.

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