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HEADSPAWN brings the energy and nostalgia of a classic Japanese sitcom in a new single!

Brazilian Groove Metal band from Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, HEADSPAWN, recently released "Satan Goss (Live)", the very heavy second single taken from their new EP "Pretty Ugly People Live", recorded live, but without an audience due to the restrictions brought on by the pandemic. With audio production once again, the responsibility of Victor Hugo Targino (Cangaço, Forahneo, Omago) and video by Jobson Andrade, the band energetically and cohesively simulated what is to come from now on when the shows return for real.

"Satan Goss" tells the point of view of a being tormented by the villain of the universe from 80's and 90's Japanese sitcoms, Jaspion, the almighty Satan Goss! As in the famous sitcom, the sleeping monsters were awakened and tormented with hatred provided by the powers of Satan Goss, just metaphor for expressing that our inner fears can be raised to full power if our subconscious feeds them more often.

Watch "Satan Goss (Live)" at:

Listen to "Satan Goss (Live)" at:

"Pretty Ugly People Live" will be released in audio and video format on all streaming platforms, but before that the band intends to make each of the four tracks available separately as singles. "Satan Goss (Live)" is now available on all traditional streaming platforms.

The band comments: "In a very intimate way, we gave our best in this presentation, even without the audience due to all the restrictions. Rest assured that when we debut on stages with live shows, the energy of the audience will further increase our synergy!"

And speaking of stages, the band will perform their debut, in-person show on January 15, at 5 pm, at the General Store, Avenida General Osorio 152, Centro, Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil. Limited tickets!

"Pretty Ugly People Live" tracklist is:

1- "Satan Goss (Live)"

2- "Worthless Piece Of Shit (Live)"

3- "Voices (Live)"

4- "Satellite (Live)"

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