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Head Cleaner - Greek Grindcore Masters Stream Entire New Album "The Extreme Sound Of Truth"

Greek grindcore veterans Head Cleaner today share their entire fourth full-length album "The Extreme Sound Of Truth", just two days ahead of the release date for September 8th via Vinyl Store Gr.

The full album is now playing at No Clean Singing, who had this to say about the release: "All of the songs are ferocious, though Head Cleaner do create variations among them to create a dynamic experience. They open with “Cold Machines”, offering up a febrile bass line that leads into a punishing display of riffing that rabidly roils, menacingly swarms, ruthlessly slashes, and brazenly blares, all of it backed by drums that batter, tumble, and blast like weapons."

If you missed it, watch a music video for "Not Like All If Of You" videohere and the video for the opening track "Cold Machines" at this location.

Featuring 11 tracks in almost 25 minutes, Head Cleaner waste no time and remain persistent and ferocious throughout. Tracks like "Cold Machines" and "Mass Production Dream" are just two of the album's most relentlessly devastating, featuring powerful, furious riffs and inhuman, rapid-fire blast beats, while tracks like "Not Like All Of You" and "For Tomorrow's Lesson" show a more mid-paced stomp, containing intense grooves and crushing riffs while maintaining the same level of severity. Pre-orders are now available here.

Hailing from Thessaloniki, Head Cleaner have been an important part of the city's extreme underground scene for the last two decades. They have eight official releases to their credit, including three full-length albums and two split albums with well-known bands from the local and European scene. They have shared the stage with some of the most influential bands of the genre, such as Carcass, Extreme Noise Terror, Benediction, Pestilence and many more, while in addition to dozens of live performances in Greece, they have also performed at some of the most extreme European festivals, such as Obscene Extreme in the Czech Republic, Bloodshed in the Netherlands and NRW Death Fest in Germany.

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