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HAUNTOLOGIST releases new track “Ozymandian” & announces debut album!

Hauntologist, a new project established by black metal stalwarts The Fall and Darkside, will release its debut album on 2 February via No Solace on CD and digital formats. To get a taste of the upcoming album, the band has released the first single “Ozymandian”. 

Listen to “Ozymandian”: 

Although the material is only about to be released now, the roots of the project go back many years and due to the band members’ busy schedules, they were waiting for the right time to unleash their creativity. The Fall - known for his work with Owls Woods Graves, Over the Voids… and as a live bassist for Mgła - and Darkside - known as the Mgła and Kriegsmaschine drummer -  decided to venture further than the typical and conventional boundaries of black metal in their musical exploration. Over the years, the band has undergone numerous clinical deaths and reanimations but eventually recorded their debut “Hollow” in 2023.

Deeply rooted in negative metal music, it leans toward other genres and forms of expression to seek musical analogies of sleepless nights and surreal, anxiety-provoking hallucinations.“Hollow” could be described as a field recording of a feverish nightmare. Despite its metal foundations, the music on “Hollow” constantly turns into side streets of other, often difficult to term and locate, music genres. It is an album built on the foundation of rubble and debris of visions that developed and died back throughout the years. The documentation of spirit decay and life slipping through the fingers.

 “Hollow” tracklist:

1. Ozymandian

2. Golem

3. Waves of Concrete

4. Deathdreamer

5. Hollow

6. Autonomy

7. Gardermoen

8. Car Kruków

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