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  • Jason Hesley

Hatred Reigns to drop "Awaken The Ancients" on Dec 15!

“Unleashing an infernal symphony of brutality and precision! Our music is a testament to the raw power and intricate craftsmanship that defines death metal. Each member has their own barrage of styles and influences which created the unique twist that is Hatred Reigns. Sonically, we’ve been told we sound like Origin, Suffocation, Hideous Divinity, and much more. The face-melting riffs and licks that Jeff brings to the table, along with Mitchi’s enigmatic vocals, pairs perfectly with the aggression and agility of Neil’s grinds and gravity blasts with Adam on the low end making heads pop. Combined with their untamed raw energy from their live performances creates a formula that’s going to shift tectonic plates." - Hatred Reigns

Track Listing: 1. Awaken The Ancients (5:20) 2. Pain Leads To Nothingness (3:16) 3. To Depths Unknown (2:40) 4. Obsolarium (2:36) 5. Ushered By Charon (5:23) 6. Planes Divide (3:47) 7. Absentia (4:58) 8. Departing Acheron (3:43) Album Length: 31:20

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