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  • Jason Hesley

HATEFULMURDER streams new single and lyric video "Eye For An Eye"

Hatefulmurder has been increasingly stamping the brazilian metal scene with very successful releases and praised by the specialized media, in addition to thousands of streams on digital platforms. After the troubled time of the pandemic, and the last album 'Reborn' released in 2019, the band returns with a new power to promote the new studio album, the single "Eye For An Eye". The song arrives accompanied by a lyric video made by Gabby Vessoni.

The new track brings elements of Death Metal, with a contrast between old school and contemporary with potent rhymes where we can hear the dynamic range of Angélica Burns in all its glory talking about a theme that makes the listener reflect. “The lyrics of the song 'Eye for An Eye' bring reflections on the consequences of human behavior in its wildest and most primitive state, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, comments vocalist Angélica Burns.

These new singles are the first to show the band's new phase in full collaboration and demonstrate that, although it's a sound with a lot of oldschool influence, it also carries the energy of modern metal with a lot of potential.

Angélica Burns, Thomás Martin and Renan Campos designed the new singles, while the mixing and mastering are by Celo Oliveira.

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