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  • Jason Hesley

HATEFULMURDER offer modern brazilian metal With "Crime e Castigo”

Hatefulmurder starts the year with “Crime e Castigo”, a new single released on Friday, January 26th, on digital platforms. The new track is part of the new album, to be released in the coming months, and is the only one sung in Portuguese, bringing elements of Death Metal, with a contrast between old school and contemporary with powerful rhymes where we can hear the dynamic range of Angélica Burns in all her glory, in addition to having the unique identity of national extreme metal.

About the single, the band says:

“It’s the only song with lyrics in Portuguese on our next album. The cool thing about this is that people from Brazil always identify more when it’s our language, right? The album should be released in mid-April 2024. Until then we will release more singles."

On the day of its debut, “Crime e Castigo”" was added to the official Spotify All New Metal playlist, which has 708,872 likes.

The latest music video, “Call Out Your Soul” had an exclusive premiere on the American website Decibel. These new singles are the first to show the band's new phase in full collaboration and demonstrate that, although it is a sound with a lot of oldschool influence, it also carries the energy of modern metal with a lot of potential.

Hatefulmurder has been increasingly stamping the national metal scene with very successful releases praised by the specialized media, in addition to thousands of streams on digital platforms. The band from Rio is preparing to release the fourth album of their career and continues to promote singles that are acclaimed throughout Europe, America and Asia. Angélica Burns, Thomás Martin and Renan Campos designed the new singles, while mixing and mastering are by Celo Oliveira.

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