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  • Jason Hesley

Hate Announces European Tour for Early 2023 Supporting Batushka on Their European Pilgrimage Tour!

Following a successful North American tour, the ultimate Polish metal package is getting back onto the lands of Europe – don’t miss selected shows of Batushka and Hate in February 2023!

Batushka is a Poland-based black metal phenomenon. Their shows don’t leave anyone indifferent, for they are not just metal gigs but a true theatrical black liturgy. Having just returned from oversea tours in the US and Mexico, Batushka are stronger than ever, ready to give their European pilgrims the unholy mass.

The legendary Polish blackened death gods Hate have proven to be a great match with Batushka within several tour legs. It is a must to have a live taste of the songs of pure blasphemy inspired by archaic Slavic themes and mythologies from their album Rugia, as well as best works from Auric Gates of Veles.

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