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  • Jason Hesley

Harvested to release Self-Titled on May 7th!

“We are beyond thrilled to present our very first self-titled EP to everyone. After years of hard work and dedication, as well as lock-downs and a few minor setbacks have only made us more prepared and we are finally ready to show you all what we’ve got. Having years of musical background and being good friends for years has added to the energy and chemistry we portray in our live performances. Our debut EP is just a taste of what we’ve accomplished so far as an unknown band in the last 3 years of forming, though we have much more in store coming very soon!

We’re inspired by so many different styles of metal from old school death metal to black metal to slam, it makes it interesting to tradeoff with each other and combines all the elements into one cohesive unit. Though we decided to take a different approach to lyrical content and have our focus on the terror behind psychological experiences and mental illness.

We are trying to keep that old school death metal vibe alive to keep the old school fans excited and more hopeful that this genre will never die, while utilizing and embracing new genres, styles, and production that will capture the ears of the newer generations as well as open a whole new world to the old school fans”. - HARVESTED

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