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  • Jason Hesley

Hardcore Groups Eyes of Tomorrow and Perfect Sky’s Split, ‘Songs of Faith and Demolition,’ Out Now!

Ruhr, Germany-based Eyes of Tomorrow and Vienna, Austria-based Perfect Sky have released their split album, Songs of Faith and Demolition, today (28 October 2022) via WTF Records (NL) and Dedication Records (DE).

With the hope of a better future, the Eyes of Tomorrow’s part of the album thrives in optimism, channeling the inner spirits to fight all the negativities and oppressions. The five speedy hardcore numbers come straight from the unbreakable mental resilience and years of struggles in the streets. Not just a complementary segment, the Perfect Sky’s songs carry more brute elements of metal while keeping the hardcore aggressions intact. Having a “DGAF” attitude, the “trailer park hardcore” squad takes no prisoners to bash terrorism, corruption, and enslavement of minds. Some of the tracks also supply the necessary fuel for motivation and revival.

Speaking of the idea of the split release, Eyes of Tomorrow bassist Chris informs:

“Olli (Perfect Sky) and I actually got to know each other on Facebook, wrote to each other a lot, and bought each other’s merch from our bands. At some point, one of us had the idea of doing a split release, we then have Tim (WTF Records) and Michi (Dedication Records) with us brought on board and so the idea grew more and more, it was also important to me to do a split release with a band that I like very much, both musically and personally! We then did our Demolition Tour together and we also noticed that it was simply mega with both bands together, the tour was so much fun that we have already planned a second tour together for 2023!”

Songs of Faith and Demolition is available on digital/streaming media; Access it HERE or HERE.

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