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  • Jason Hesley


Finnish melodic metallers HANGING GARDEN hit the studio to record what will become the band's eighth album and first for Agonia Records. The seven-piece just completed recording drums at D-Studio of Klaukkala, Finland, with new-old drummer Antti Ruokola, last seen in HANGING GARDEN seven years ago.

The prolific outfit is going forward full steam with the production of the as yet untitled opus and follow-up to "Skeleton Lake" (2021). The rest of the album will be recorded at various studios around the capital area of Finland, and in the end put together and produced by the band's guitarist Jussi Hämäläinen. Come July, the album will enter post-production in the tender care of Jarno Hänninen at D-Studio. "The album will dive deep in to atmospheres both tender and harsh, devilish and serene, embarking upon a journey to mankind's spiritual roots, and contemplation upon the fragility of our technological society," comments HANGING GARDEN. "Stay tuned for more news."

Agonia Records recent signees HANGING GARDEN incorporate doom, gothic and death metal with a melodic cut, wrapped in melancholy and a dark aura. The band possesses a versatile, many-layered style of playing, male & female vocals, and draws influence & inspiration from music and art, far and wide. The group may appeal to fans of Swallow the Sun, Ghost Brigade, October Tide or Katatonia.

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