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  • Jason Hesley

HANDFUL OF HATE : Reissues on the way!

Dusktone is very proud to announce the imminent reissue of the first two albums of one of the oldest and most important Italian black metal band to date :

Handful of Hate

"Qliphothic Supremacy" has been released in 1997 and is now, universally recognized, as a pure milestone of the so-called first wave Italian black metal movement , the worthy successor was "Hierarchy 1999", released two years later, bringing Handful of hate to the Olympus of the black metal movement, not only in Italy..

Those two albums, sold out since many years now, have been the beginning of a story and a success that will lead to the generation of a music created solely by the damned for the damned; we are talking about a band that since it lit its black flame, has never extinguished it until today.

"Qliphothic Supremacy" and "Hierarchy 1999" will be releaed on deluxe digipack + booklet with revisited artwork but keeping faith with the original spirit of the time.

Those albums have to be listened to and rediscovered, as a seminal testimony, not only by the new generations.

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