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  • Jason Hesley

HAND OF FATE release "Messengers of Hope"

"Hand of Fate" was formed in December 2014. The formation of the group was

almost fatal, since to the initial existence of three of the total 5 members, the other 2

were added almost automatically... as if they were driven by the circumstances of the

moment. And since it seems that all the threads of developments were moved by the

"hand of fate", the band's name also arose from this event!

With main influences of epic, symphonic, rock and metal sounds, they move

musically in a Melodic Rock/Metal style, listening to their need for expression and

adapting it to their own needs. Their main goal is expression through their own

character, style and creation. Their first album Messengers of Hope was released

about a year ago and is available on itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and other

digital platforms as well as in physical form –CD.

In September 2019, they shared the stage with Gus G, at his concert at Mylos, in

Thessaloniki. At the present stage, after the somewhat forced hiatus of the last two

years, they are working on new ideas and planning live performances as wel

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