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  • Jason Hesley

Hamvak to release 'Maelstrom Of Abhorrent Incantations'

Hamvak was founded in 2015 by Dávid Vadkerti-Tóth (aka D) as a continuation of Solus, a former atmospheric Black Metal project. The new era dives deeper into the ancestral legends, superstitions and history as well as of the darker side of the heathen cosmology, rituals and sorcery. The name change gave rise to more harsh, ferocious sound as well which is even darker, heavier, more dissonant than the previous musical entity was.

As a manifestation of the new sonic visions, the first demo was released in 2017. It contains three devastating hymns to invoke and represent the elder spirits of the primordial pantheon.

In 2022 Hamvak rises from the pitch-black abysmal dimensions to invoke storming abhorrent forces with the first full-length album entitled, ”Maelstrom Of Abhorrent Incantations”. It contains six ferocious songs in almost forty minutes. With this album, Hamvak developed its sound further in order to create a darker and more disturbing atmosphere thus becoming a more ambitious and obscure Death Metal entity.

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