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Hallows Eve: re-release of legendary debut album ‘Tales Of Terror’ soon available via Metal Blade!

On January 15th, Atlanta-based metallers Hallows Eve will release LP and Digipak-CD re-issues of their classic 1985 debut album Tales Of Terror via Metal Blade Records. Pre-order your copies now at:

See below for an overview of available formats: - 180g black vinyl - “Plunging” blue / black marbled vinyl (limited to 300 copies) - “Hangman’s Private Stock” red marbled vinyl (limited to 200 copies) - “No Rules Bloody Spiked” red / black dust vinyl (limited to 100 copies, MB webshop) - “Metal Merchant Leaded” gray marbled vinyl (US exclusive) - Digipak-CD

Tales Of Terror comes newly mastered / fully restored by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony for this re-issue and also features new liner-notes by Hallows Eve bassist Tommy Stewart. Additionally, the LP format includes a double-sided poster and the 4-panel Digipak-CD includes an expanded 16-page booklet as well as four obscure rehearsal tracks as bonus.

Hallows Eve – Tales Of Terror re-issue track-listing: 1. Plunging To Megadeath (4:54) 2. Outer Limits (3:46) 3. Horrorshow (2:28) 4. The Mansion (3:05) 5. There Are No Rules (1:44) 6. Valley Of The Dolls (1:07) 7. Metal Merchants (3:21) 8. Hallows Eve (Including Routine) (8:06) CD bonus-tracks: 9. Scream in the Night (Exciter Cover – Rehearsal May 1984) (4:29) 10. The Mansion (Rehearsal June 1984) (3:42) 11. Eighteen (Alice Cooper Cover – Rehearsal May 1984) (4:20) 12. Hallows Eve (Including Routine) (Rehearsal May 1984) (8:18)

Hallows Eve bassist Tommy Stewart checked in with the following comment about the album: “‘Tales Of Terror‘ launched Hallows Eve with a bang! We were a small tribe of street kids full of passion, anger, joy, and the unbridled frustrations of youth at the same time. We wanted to channel all that energy by screaming at the world and that was ‘Tales Of Terror‘.”

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