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Formed in 2014 in Sarasota FL by Robert “Jovi” Jovanovski and JB Peterson. HTH exploded onto the SWFL music scene with a fury of progressive and American groove metal to the likes most had not seen in that area before.

HTH released their debut EP “Vol 1” to much local and national fanfare. Opening for acts like Whitechapel, Pro Pain, Crowbar, Unearth, Overkill, and Havok. HTH established themselves quickly in the Southwest Metal music scene as a force to be reckoned with.

Combining influences from Death metal, groove metal, and Stoner Rock, no two HTH songs sound alike. Which adds to the versatility for them to reach broader audiences.

After a line up change in 2016, HTH released their second EP “Vol 2” with the single PTSD that accompanied their first official music video with great exposure from localized radio shows and YouTube views.

After a hiatus in 2018-2019 and another line up change, HTH is back and stronger than ever as they begin recording their next EP “No Gods Left to Kill” scheduled for release in winter 2020. They recently released their first single “Surveillance” demonstrating a new sound that has people’s attention already. Lead singer/guitar player, JB Peterson, has developed a new vocal tone that is taking HTH to a new level. Guitar player, Aj Henke joined the band in 2016 and has been a staple in HTH’s thundering riffs and slamming breakdowns. Joe Smith of swamp metal juggernauts, KickEmUgly, joined the band on bass/vocals and has accelerated the band forward into 2020.

Joe’s vocal style also brings a new sound that highlights HTH’s versatility. The newest member of the band, drummer, Danny Murphy joined the band in 2020 replacing Co-Founder, Jovi, and has hit the ground running helping HTH start the recording process for their new EP.

With this dynamic new line up and a renewed focus, HTH is set to break boundaries with their new EP. The EP is being recorded, mixed and mastered by long time friend Mike Hubbard at ToyBox Studio in Sarasota, FL.

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