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  • Jason Hesley

Hailing from Italy, power metal band Great Master unveils their latest album "Montecristo"

Great Master, a power metal band hailing from Italy, presents their latest work, "Montecristo," released on the 21st of September, 2023. Published under the label Underground Symphony, the album is available in both digital and CD formats, offering fans a diverse listening experience.

With "Montecristo," the band ventures into new thematic territory. Leaving behind the pirate-centric narratives of their past works, they draw inspiration from Alexandre Dumas' literary classic, "The Count of Montecristo." The album narrates the tale of Edmond Dantès, exploring his life’s chapters and delving into themes of revenge, deceit, self-discovery, and transformation. Each track of the album is a reflection of the different phases of Dantès' journey, from his early days on Le Pharaon to his eventual quest for vengeance under the guise of the Count of Montecristo.

This musical endeavor showcases the band's ability to adapt and draw inspiration from varied sources, intertwining literature and music. Mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at “Domination Studios” and featuring artwork by Jahn Vision Art, "Montecristo" is a humble yet earnest tribute to one of the significant works of 19th-century European literature. For those who have an affinity for power metal and an appreciation for literary narratives, Great Master’s "Montecristo" might just be a harmonious convergence of both worlds.

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