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  • Jason Hesley

HADEWYCH: Dutch avantgarde sorcerers to release "Welving" LP via Tartarus Records!

"Welving" is the second full length album by enigmatic Dutch experimentalists HADEWYCH and the result of continuing explorations into the grotesque and monumental. With an extensive percussion section and an instrumentarium that includes several home-built and prepared instruments, HADEWYCH seeks to provide a sonic experience that fascinates as much as it is unnerving. Sporting a stylistic palette that ranges from ceremonial and ritual atmospheres to angular monolithic stomping and cathartic excesses, HADEWYCH manages, like no other, to coalesce these strains into their own distinct, unsettling vernacular. Thematically, the album recounts tales of gargantuan cosmic events, chthonic ritual celebrations, intense hymns to beginnings and ends - with the human state as an inept mouthpiece for the vastness that lies beyond. Remastered for vinyl, with new artwork by Unknown Relic, Tartarus Records will give "Welving" the long-awaited vinyl release on August 28th.

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