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  • Jason Hesley

GYRDLEAH Release Visualizer For "Spellbinder"

Atmospheric black metal outfit GYRDLEAH has revealed a visualizer for the title track from their upcoming album Spellbinder. The track is slated to be out on all streaming services this Friday, Feb 24, while the album will be releasedon April 21st via Black Lion Records.

The band comments "Nature, our one true ruler. ‘Spellbinder’ is both beautiful &

brutal. Respect her or there will be grave consequences. May this spell protect you on the journey to come."

Watch the visualizer:

Spellbinder journeys through gloomy realms. Intensely distorted guitars, echoing into the vastness beyond, produce a wall of sound through which thundering percussion and ghastly vocals bleed. GYRDLEAH composes dynamically to truly manifest the unending shadowy plains, ebbing and flowing through high speed moments of anguish and more sombre sections across the tracks.

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