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  • Jason Hesley

GYAOS:DIABOLICAL Says What We're All Thinking With "Burn The World"

Exuding a ferocious intensity, GYAOS:DIABOLICAL's fierce new album In Accordance With The Prophecy will release on January 13th, 2023. Drawing together extremes of thrash with elements of black metal, the album contains a ruthless portrayal of the trials and tribulations emerging from social unrest born from systematic inequality. The band has released another taste of the upcoming album with new single "Burn The World". Stream the new track HERE.

The band comments: "Riding on the back of galloping thrash beats and cutting guitars, BURN THE WORLD is an introspection of the world today, specifically the alpha inhabitants who continue to crank up the conflict and bile poisoning everything, planet and society alike, with little regard for the consequences. True to form, the relentless attack of the song harkens back to the beginnings of crossover thrash, expressing indignation and resolute examination through charging beats and snarling vocals asking: At what point does the planet decide it is time to purge itself of the hostile inborn pathogens? Perhaps we need an exterminator."

Included as the lyrical themes of the track align with the ideology GYAOS:DIABOLICAL, this explosive opener sets the tone for the album. Relentless aggression bleeds through the album, "FIGHT OR DIE" continues the incessant fast pace with high momentum and an eerie sense of the foreboding in its exploration of inner conflict and need to rally against injustice. Delving into darker realms, "SHADOW IS THE DAMNED" brings a darkening gloom through descending patterns, contrasting groove riffs and utterly low tones. The musicality reflects the murkiness of a growing social divide and willingness to cast out those who see through the hypocrisy. Journeying through the poignant divides, the album concludes with the eerie "KATAHDIN IS RISEN". A homage to the 1979 John Frankenheimer monster movie Prophecy, the album leaves behind the chilling notion that perhaps fact and fiction are no longer so easily disconnected.

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