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  • Jason Hesley

GWAR's Beefcake the Mighty presents S. F. Incorporated's new album First Penetration!

Short Bio: Skull Fuckers Incorporated is an extreme metal band with old skool industrial influences. Based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Skull Fuckers Incorporated was a massive success in the late 90s/early new millennium throughout the Midwest. The band is known for a theatrical, albeit macabre, live show and a crazy party lifestyle off stage. Due to Skull Fuckers Incorporated’s crazy antics both on and off stage rumors that have now become legendary within the Midwest metal circles were persistent throughout their career. After taking a fifteen year hiatus, Skull Fuckers Incorporated are back with a new record and a live action television series in the works at the end of 2023.

This album is a modern recording of the first songs written by the band in 1998-2000. Two more records will be released over the next couple of years that span the entire SF Incorporated catalog. A three season television series is being developed that showcases the band during their prime. The music of Skull Fuckers Incorporated is only half of the experience. The legend of the band is just as important, and the three season series will be the vehicle for the legend of the band to be consumed by the masses. No details are available about the series yet other than season 1 will consist of five episodes. The shoot is currently planned for September of this year around the Eau Claire region.

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