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  • Jason Hesley

Gutter King release new single "Bloodrush"

Metalcore powerhouse Gutter King has shared their newest single, “Bloodrush.” Guttural vocals meet a winding synth to create a sound that is uniquely Gutter King, building a bridge between traditional metalcore and pop music of the future. The track is written, recorded, and produced by the band themselves, and mixed and mastered by George Lever (Sleep Token, Thornhill, Loathe).

Fan can stream “Bloodrush” now at

On the new single, the band shares, "Life can’t be defined simply in terms of good or bad, but rather, it’s a complicated mix of both and everything in between. ‘Bloodrush’ is a reminder that to live is to embrace every part of life, even if it hurts."

We hope that listeners hear ‘Bloodrush’ and take it as a reminder to live life on their own

terms. It’s easy to become lost in your day-to-day and forget about the things that excite you.”

From hard hitting, explosive guitar riffs to soaring choruses and melodic synths and production, it’s hard to pin down exactly who Gutter King sounds like. By bending genres and hitting all the right emotional notes, Calgary metalcore band Gutter King means business. Determined to bring the world of metalcore a step closer to the world of pop, Gutter King is breaking barriers and isn’t slowing down any time soon

2020’s "Feather" challenged the band to try new things, and the risk paid off. "Feather" signaled a shift in the band’s approach to writing music and ushered in a new era where the lines between metalcore and pop really start to blur.

This is only the beginning. Gutter King is gearing up to take 2023 by storm with their most stylistic releases to-date. Get ready for the future, it’s closer than you think.

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