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  • Jason Hesley

Guts to release "Decay"

Vargheist Records signs Finnish death dealers "GUTS" for a June 30th release on CD format offering up a slab of 9 disgustingly good tracks. They play a groovy style of old school death metal. Only a limited amount of copies in the USA can be found through Vargheist Records.

GUTS present us with a perfect marriage of both Finnish and Swedish style old school death metal. Giving us the crispness and powerful delivery of the Swedes and the riffage and bite of the Finns. This is a marriage that delivers one hell of a punch, a blow that should please most OSDM fans.

Decay is chocked full of nasty furious riffage with a surprising level of underlying groove. Adding to this is crunchy, audible bass work that rumbles through the mix to add to that underlying groove and fill out an already robust overall sound. There's a little something for everyone here thanks to the balance stuck between aggression, groove, and occasional technicality. The real star of the show though is Juha Kivimäki and his powerfully commanding vocal performance. His howled gutturals bellow over the top of the music like mustard gas over the trenches as he tells tales of nuclear genocide and manhunts. This is classic, no frills death metal that maintains the purity of the genre in a way that preserves it for the modern age. While feeling very familiar it also delivers a sense of excitement and a youthful energy that bands possess at the start of their career. If this is the band's debut, then GUTS is a name worth keeping an eye out for.

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