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GRUZJA stream new album!

Gruzja’s latest studio work, “Koniec Wakacji” ("The End of the Holidays"), is out today and is streaming in full via YouTube and all major streaming services.

Guests on the “Koniec Wakacji” album include LARMO, Mold, Perturbator and unknown people. The author of the album’s graphic design is Zbigniew Bielak. Satanic Audio is responsible for mixing and mastering, while the material was recorded at MAQ Records and in The Basement. The band is self-releasing the album. Greed is the reason behind this decision. The album will be available in CD and digital formats.

The CD version can be ordered here: and digitally via Bandcamp:

The album "Koniec Wakacji" can be compared to a history book and a daily news bulletin - it doesn't offer anything new. It's a collection of fragments. Fresh and cold, strange and personal. It’s charades in a trench, and a trench in a smartphone. Faces tuned and disarmed. Everything fake and not pretended.

Gruzja is a group of immigrants from Australia drawing on the folklore of Sudan and Sosnowiec. The line-up consists of artists, instrumentalists and vocalists known from Furia, Odraza, Biesy, THAW, Mentor, Licho, Wędrowcy~Tułacze~Zbiegi and several other bands. They released the albums "I iść dalej" (2019) and "Jeszcze nie mamy na was pomysłu" (2019); a split with Neon Scaffold titled "Konflikt" (2020) and a computer game soundtrack album entitled "Vulgator" (2021) for the game Priest Simulator. The new album is being submitted for nominations to prestigious award juries at Fryderyk Awards, Polityka's Passport, Bursztynowy Słowik, Adidas Literary Award and Gdynia Literary Award.

"End of Holidays" tracklist:

1. Jerusalem shore

2. Alexandria

3. Monument

4. From kindergarten to trench

5. Read to Me Dad

6. Hate Fashion

7. Thumb target pal

8. Salynka

9. Next Ghetto Station (feat. Mold)

10. To the room

11. End of Holidays

12. After the Bell (feat. LARMO)

13. Civil War

14. Thumb Target Pal (Perturbator remix)

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