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Groove Death Metallers ARHAT Drop New Single and Music Video For "Nasha Khoda Nevpynna"

ARHAT, the groove death metal band from Ukraine, has recently announced the release of their new album "Secrets of Ancient Gods," set to launch on May 31st, 2024. Today, the band unveiled their highly anticipated first single and official music video for 'Nasha Khoda Nevpynna'.

Watch the official music video:

Stream/buy on digital platforms:

"'Nasha Khoda Nevpynna' song was created during a meditation on the Arcan "Power". Its main interpretations are related to the spirit and inner feelings, the impulse from which gives strength to change circumstances in favour of oneself. We have dedicated this song to our defenders who are protect now people of Ukraine from invaders and terrorists, the world's evil - which is personified by the russian federation. This track is recorded in Ukrainian." - says the band.

"Secrets of Ancient Gods" is crafted in the style of ethnic extreme metal, blending death, groove, and thrash metal. Allow yourself to immerse in this captivating world of mythology from past epochs and feel the sounds of antiquity that remain relevant even today.

This album is a journey into the world of ancient gods and mysterious rituals, reflecting the depths of wisdom of ancient civilizations. Each composition of the album is imbued with the spirit of mystery and magic, embodied in sophisticated melodies and epic arrangements. In the recording of the album, we utilized Turkish ney, sitar, percussion, and cinematic sound design, blending symphonic orchestrations with ethnic elements.

Pre-order "Secrets of Ancient Gods":

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