• Jason Hesley

Greyhaze Records Reissuing IMPURITY's 'Into The Ritual Chamber on Vinyl and Cassette'

IMPURITY's classic album Into The Ritual Chamber will be released for the first time on deluxe vinyl and cassette November 6 via Greyhaze Records.

Check out the remastered track "Baphomet Shield"

After exhaustive reviews of the release catalogues from many classic Brazilian extreme metal bands, including Sarcófago, Holocausto, Mutilator, Vulcano, and Sextrash, the Florida-based label now turns its eye into one of the most extreme, dark, and mythical bands in Brazil’s rich and diverse metal landscape.

Into the Ritual Chamber was IMPURITY's second album and was originally released in 1996 by Cogumelo Records on CD only. Despite being released only in Brazil, over the years the album found its way to all corners of the world, captivating maniacs with its doomy, Black Metal assault.

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