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  • Jason Hesley

GREH release "Reversion Of The Repressed"

Unleash your senses as you dive into the raw power and unmitigated fervor of death, doom, and sludge metal in its purest form with GREH's latest release.

Introducing "Reversion Of The Repressed," a 5-track EP that is destined to alter the very contours of your sonic reality. This work of audacious musical craft is delivered with a minimalist lineup, showcasing a solitary guitar, drums, and vocals. Each element converges to create a unique sound that fuses suffering and heaviness with groove and dissonance.

Each track is a testimony to the abyss of humanity and the pain derived from trauma, meticulously designed to grow like a branch within your ear, leaving a screaming echo long after the music has ceased.

Self-released and produced by GREH Recordings, "Reversion Of The Repressed" comes to life under the proficient hand of Dorian Falconeri, responsible for the brilliant mixing and mastering. The EP's cover, a stark visual representation of the music, was created by the talented Alfi Feijoa.

Fans of Predatory Void, Kavrila, Mantar, Thou, Konvent, Conan, YOB, High On Fire, Ophis, Come to Grief, and Winter will find a resonating kinship in GREH's new release.

The line-up boasts the potent vocals of Martin Kister, the evocative guitar skills of Gero Krsteski, and the rhythmic mastery of drummer Maurice Müller. Hailing from Germany, this formidable trio serves as the backbone of GREH, and they certainly do not disappoint.

Immerse yourself in the gritty yet hypnotic soundscape of GREH. You can access the new EP and their entire discography on platforms including Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music, as well as through their official website.

Get ready to witness the unfiltered vigor of metal music in its deepest form. Let GREH take you on a journey into the heart of darkness with "Reversion Of The Repressed."

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